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Sign up for a unicorn through this link


Go to Affiliate program in the right menu. Copy your personal link and share it with your friends and family.


Earn money from the first purchase.

Partner FAQs

Do I have to be a paying customer to become an affiliate?

No, any user who wants to earn money through referrals can register for free, and start earning from the first purchase.

Can I create a custom address for myself?

Currently it is not possible to generate more than one referral address for each user.

What is the minimum amount allowed for withdrawal?

At the moment you can withdraw your money after you have passed the 200 NIS.

How much will I earn for each referral?

Affiliate profit for the referral is 10% of the total purchase. (For example, if a customer purchased a package for 500 NIS, you will earn 50 NIS).

Can I use the money I have earned to purchase a package?

At the moment it is impossible, the solution is to withdraw the money to your account, and then purchase a package.

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