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Accessibility statement


The Internet is currently the largest repository for freedom of information for all users and disabled users in particular. As such, we place great importance on providing an accessibility statement and equal opportunity for people with disabilities to use the information presented on the site and enable a better browsing experience. We strive to ensure that the digital services are accessible to people with disabilities and therefore many resources have been invested to facilitate the use of the site for people with disabilities, as much as possible, with the belief that every person deserves the right to live in equality, dignity, comfort and independence.

Site accessibility

  • The website meets the requirements of the regulations on equal rights for people with disabilities (service accessibility adjustments), 2013.
  • The accessibility adjustments were made according to the recommendations of the Israeli standard (TI 5568) for internet content accessibility at the AA level and the international WCAG2.0 document, and are detailed throughout this accessibility statement.
  • The site provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies and support for the accepted usage pattern for operating with a keyboard using the arrow keys, Enter and Esc to exit menus and windows.
  • In order to get the best browsing experience with screen reader software, we recommend using the latest NVDA software.
  • The software works in the popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera subject to the manufacturer’s conditions. Browsing in accessibility mode is recommended in the Chrome browser, as indicated in this accessibility statement.

Adjustments made on the site

A button to activate basic accessibility, navigation via the keyboard, activation of a virtual keyboard, adjustment to screen readers, skipping to the main content, searching for acronyms and slang expressions, changing the interface language, changing the position of the interface, changing the size of the interface.

הצהרת נגישות

The text and content adjustments in the interface

Changing the font sizes, changing the font to readable, enlarging text on mouseover (magnifying glass), highlighting links, highlighting titles, changing the spacing between lines, changing the spacing between words, changing the spacing between letters, aligning to the center, aligning to the right, aligning to the left, absolute alignment.

Color and display adjustments

Displaying image descriptions, adapting to screen readers, dark contrast, light contrast, changing the site to gray colors, contrasting colors, changing the color of the texts, changing the color of the titles, changing the background color, stopping animations and movement.

Changing the mouse cursor to a large and white cursor, or a black and large cursor, mouseover highlighting, enlarging and reducing the site view, accessible printing, reading mode, navigation by letters, focus highlighting, mouseover highlighting.

Clarifications and comments

Despite our great efforts to enable the adjustment of the site at the best level, it is possible that pages or parts of the site will be discovered that have not yet been accessed or for which the technological solution has not yet been found. At the same time, we continue at any time to improve, add and update capabilities to the accessibility interface on the site, as well as adapt and even develop new technologies in order to reach the most optimal level of accessibility, at any given moment and in accordance with technological progress.

Contact the accessibility coordinator

If while browsing the site you encountered a difficulty regarding accessibility or an accessibility statement, the company’s accessibility team is at your disposal through a variety of channels for inquiries on accessibility issues, we will be happy to receive your feedback.

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