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How to use artificial intelligence

How to use artificial intelligence – we have all been exposed in the last year to the burst of artificial intelligence into our lives, but not everyone knows how to use it, let alone exploit it for their personal benefit.

How to use artificial intelligence – Table Of Content

In the following guide we will briefly explain how you too can use artificial intelligence in your business, in your leisure and in your creation.

It doesn’t matter if you are graphic designers, owners of marketing agencies, professional artists. Everyone can take advantage of artificial intelligence and derive a lot of benefit from it in our daily conduct.

What is artificial intelligence at the tip of the fork

Think of it as if you have a robot that has a really good and very smart brain, and it can think and solve problems like a human. This robot can perform many tasks, know how to speak, write, recognize images and many other things. This brain is called “artificial intelligence” because it was created by humans through the development of computer software.

What is Unicorn AI?

Unicorn AI is an artificial intelligence application in Hebrew, a local Israeli development that decided to combine many tools in one application, save switching between applications, common Hebrew problems, creating smart bots in Hebrew, creating pre-prepared templates for many types of content, transcription capabilities, narration, image creation and more.

At Unicorn, they bridged the gap between the need to learn artificial intelligence and hectic courses and built a simple Hebrew panel that allows you to do everything in one place in Hebrew and about 30 different languages.

How to register for Unicorn

First, in order to be able to use the software, you will need to register, note that you can register with the click of a button using Google or Facebook.

Embark on a journey into the future of AI by signing up for Unicorn AI. To sign up for Unicorn, simply navigate to our home page and click the ‘Login’ button located in the top left corner of the page. You will be asked to provide basic information such as your name, email address, and desired password. Once you have filled in these details, click the ‘Register’ button to complete your Unicorn registration

By signing up, you gain access to a variety of AI-based solutions designed to revolutionize both your business operations and personal projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage innovative technology with Unicorn AI.

How to create an image using artificial intelligence

In the guide on how to create pictures, you will learn how to request a picture from a unicorn and you can try it yourself, just describe to him in detail what you want to see, the more details you provide, the more accurate the result will be.

Remember that he originally speaks English, therefore there are phrases that he will have difficulty understanding or translating, for example if we ask for borax, he probably did not know how to create the image accurately and will have difficulty translating and recognizing borax.

As a substitute, you can ask for a pastry and you will get something close to your idea.

Creating an image using artificial intelligence involves a fascinating combination of technology and creativity. First, you need to get access to AI software or platforms that specialize in creating images. These AI tools use complex algorithms to create images based on the input data they receive.

The process begins by feeding the artificial intelligence system a huge variety of images, which it uses as references to create new images. This training phase allows the artificial intelligence to learn different patterns, shapes, colors and textures that exist in the source material.

After training, the AI can create unique AI images from scratch or modify existing images based on specific parameters set by the user. It is important to note that while these systems can produce impressive results, their output is largely dependent on the quality and variety of their training data.

Therefore, careful selection and preparation of this data is critical to creating a successful image using artificial intelligence.

Logo design on your own

Designing a logo on your own, and in an independent form, has become a trendy question after the breakthrough of artificial intelligence into our world, that’s why we decided to prepare a short and effective guide for you that will show you how to improve your visibility with the click of a button.

Here are some examples we created to show you Unicorn’s capabilities in action.

Freelance logo design for business is a unique approach that meets the specific needs of your organization. It provides a personal identity, and helps you stand out in the competitive market. The power of designing a logo for your business should not be underestimated, as it serves as a visual representation of the brand’s values and mission.

With the advancement of technology, AI logo design has become more and more popular due to its efficiency and accuracy. This innovative method uses machine learning algorithms to create innovative and personalized logos that provide businesses with a distinct advantage.

Independent logo design for a business ensures that your business is not another face in the crowd, but a unique brand with a convincing visual identity.

Personal announcer for the business

Meet our revolutionary personal business announcer powered by Unicorn AI, an innovative technology that will redefine the business communication landscape. This advanced tool uses an artificial intelligence-based narration system that acts as your personal business narrator, providing eloquent, engaging and human narration for your various business needs.

Whether you need to deliver presentations, product descriptions or corporate communications, this innovative solution ensures clarity and professionalism in every word. Unicorn AI’s sophisticated algorithm allows it to adjust its tone and style based on context, ensuring your message resonates with your audience effectively. Come experience the future of business communication today with our personal business commentator.

How to use AI FAQ
Do I need to purchase a subscription to use Unicorn?

No, Unicorn has a free trial package, which gives you enough tokens to try the product and its pizzas.

Of course, there are also paid packages for those interested in adopting artificial intelligence for their business. Prices and packages can be found here.

How does DALL E work?

DALL-E operates on the principles of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is a variant of GPT-3, specially trained to generate images from textual descriptions.

The system works by entering a series of text instructions, which it then interprets and translates into unique images.

It uses a vast dataset for training purposes, allowing it to understand context and produce highly detailed and accurate visual representations based on given text input.

Who invented artificial intelligence?

The beginning of artificial intelligence can be attributed to the fifties, to the credit of pioneers such as Alan Newell and Herbert Simon who established the first artificial intelligence laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University.

Similarly, John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky founded an artificial intelligence laboratory at MIT in 1959. A significant milestone in artificial intelligence research was noted at a conference held at Dartmouth College in 1956.

What is the name of the AI that takes pictures?

The name of the artificial intelligence that produces images is generative adversarial networks (GANs).

GANs are a type of artificial intelligence algorithm used in unsupervised machine learning, implemented by a system of two neural networks competing with each other in a zero-sum game.

They were introduced by Ian Goodfellow and other researchers from the University of Montreal, including Joshua Bengio, during 2014. This AI technology is widely used for various applications, including image synthesis, semantic image editing, style transfer, image super-resolution and classification.

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